Romance With A
Dark Side

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Forbidden Temptation

He saved me. Again. The man I want. The man that I love.

But it’s never going to be that simple for either of us. He says what we did together was a mistake. That all I’ll ever find with him is darkness and danger. That I deserve better.

He doesn’t see that I don’t care. That he’s everything I want and more–and that I believe in him, and us. I’m not afraid of the darkness, if he’s willing to be my light.

My past has never left me, and now his is coming for us both. There’s no leaving right now, for either of us. This is my chance, if he’ll let me, to show him everything that we can be together. That I’m stronger than he knows–and that he’s everything I dreamed of.

I’m his forbidden temptation. And he’s mine. 

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