Assassin's Heart

A Dark Mafia Romance Standalone

My job is death, danger, and intrigue. Never love.

Since I was sixteen, the Syndicate has been my entire life. Now, on the brink of becoming one of their most trusted assassins, I’ve been given a job that should be simple–find a woman named Lidiya Petrovna, and use whatever means necessary to convince her to work for us.

From the first word she says to me, I know she’s going to drive me insane. Feisty, fiery and determined to try to escape me at every turn, she captivates me like no other woman I’ve ever met–and leaves me feeling things I never knew I could.

As the days pass and it gets harder to watch her with the man she’s meant to help me take down, I know I should walk away. Give the job to someone else. But I also know what Vladimir’s other men will do to a woman who challenges them the way Lidiya challenges me. And that’s not the only reason I can’t give her up.

Loving her could get us both killed. But she’s stolen the heart I didn’t even know I had.

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