Brutal Bargain

Every lie I told has unraveled. And all of us will have a price to pay…

A man betrayed. My lies all come to light. My family on the verge of disgrace—and the life I
tried so hard to catch a glimpse of?

Gone forever, just like the innocence I gave away. I’ve been handed over to the man I feared
more than anything else—and I quickly learn that there are shadows even I don’t yet know to
be afraid of. A man named Javier Aguilar, the feared bride tamer, whose job is to break me to
Diego’s will. A man that I’m not sure even Niall can save me from—if he even cares what
happens to me any longer.

But there’s a secret still to be discovered, one that Niall will do anything to protect. I have one
chance to try to make my betrayal right, even as he fights to save me despite it all—and if we
want to survive?

What brutal bargain will I choose, to save the ones I love?

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