Brutal Kiss

A Dark Mafia Romance

All my life I’ve been a beautiful bird in a golden cage. He’s my one chance for a taste of something else.

The eldest daughter of cartel boss Ricardo Santiago, I’ve been sheltered, pampered, and carefully guarded for my entire life. At twenty-one, it’s far past the time that I should have been married, according to my parents. My father promises me that he’ll choose a husband for me that I’ll find pleasing—but beautiful chains are still chains.
There’s one thing that’s still mine, though—and I’ve made up my mind to give it to a man that I choose.
When one night of blissful pleasure turns into more, I find myself slipping into a fantasy that’s harder and harder to escape from—even harder than the reality that I know I’ll soon have to face.
My engagement is on the cusp of being announced. My choices are wearing thin. When my father breaks all his promises to me, I make a snap decision that will change everything—and Niall Flanagan, the man who showed me that the world can be so much more, will discover a terrible truth.
Even the sweetest of kisses can carry a brutal edge.
Brutal Kiss is the first book in the Santiago Cartel trilogy. You don’t need to read M. James’ other trilogies to enjoy Niall and Isabella’s story, but it is set in the same world, with some cameos from reoccurring characters. If you choose anything to read in addition to this, the 6-book Irish series is recommended!
M. James’ books contain material that some readers may find challenging. This book is a fairly sweet yet steamy read compared to some of her other work, but it does contain some themes of deception and is set in a world of cartels and mob bosses.

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