Brutal Vow

A Forced Marriage Romance

The man I love. The child I wanted. And my entire life on the verge of falling apart—

Niall saved me, against all odds. He brought me home to Boston, but this isn’t my home—and despite the fact that I wear his ring on my finger, I know he doesn’t want me here. He wouldn’t have brought me here at all, if not for the baby.

His baby. The only thing still holding us together, even more so than the vows that he didn’t mean. Or so he says.

But the one thing he can’t deny is how much he wants me. And when the heat between us spills over into more, we’re forced to face the truth of what we are to each other. Boston is full of Niall’s past—a past that doesn’t want me here—but I refuse to give up.

Since the moment he kissed me behind the Sangre de Angel, he was mine and I was his. I’ll do anything to keep the man I love, to earn his forgiveness, even if it means waiting forever. He might have married me only to save me from a monster…

…but I meant every single one of those brutal vows.

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