A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance

Vincent was meant to be my freedom from everything that I was afraid of.

Poverty, loneliness, sadness, loss.
I thought he was just a wealthy man who wanted to rescue a pretty girl. My Prince Charming in a bespoke suit. He offered me the world, and I was happy to take him up on it. I couldn’t have guessed the price he would exact, or the lengths he’d go to break me.
He’s captured me, and he doesn’t have any plans to let me go.
But I’m not the only one Vincent has wronged. And the only one who might be able to save me is the boy I once loved—the man who now haunts my every waking moment.
Zach swore to protect me, but in this place where there’s no one left for me to trust, I’m afraid that not even he is who he claims to be anymore.
There’s no truth to the fairytales. So how can I ever trust in love again?


There’s blood on my hands. Lies on my tongue. And a betrayal at my fingertips.
I’ve been told to get close to Rain. Make her love me again, so that the people I work for can use her to bring Vincent down.
When I look into her eyes, all I can see is the girl I once loved. The girl whose heart I already broke once. So how can I do it again?
I’ve been given a mission—to bring Vincent Jamison to justice. And that leaves me with a choice to make.
Do the job I came here to do—or save the woman I love.

Danger lurks around every corner and lost love is on the verge of being found in this next thrilling installment of the Claimed series! Fans of J.T. Geissinger, Nicole Fox, and L.J. Shen will love this heart-pounding romance filled with suspense, betrayal, and longing.

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