A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance

What if there really is no such thing as happily ever after?

Til death do us part.

My wedding day to Vincent Jamison feels like exactly that—a death sentence. An imprisonment in a gilded cage, from which there’s no escape. No salvation. Only a lifetime of pain. Of knowing what I’ve lost.


But when the threat to his family and business upends our wedding celebrations, I’m given a chance I’d never thought I’d have again. A month in a safe house with the man who was once the love of my life, with no one else but my bodyguard and Sonya, who’s in no condition to do anything about what Zach and I both want.

A second chance.

It’s supposed to be a reprieve. One last glimmer of happiness before I go back to the hell that I consigned myself to. Something to hold onto when things get truly dark. After all, Vincent is my only future.

Or is he?

There’s secrets I still don’t know. A twist of fate that I hadn’t seen coming. And when the dust settles, a chance that I’m afraid to believe in.

A chance that I could be freed.

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